What is a practical rebel? Why do we wave this flag and claim this as our own?

What about these two words coming together perfectly encompasses what we’re about, is the face we put forward to the world, our own internally rallying cry? We’re not crazy, often, just a little different.

We’re a group of millennials to baby boomers that push things a little further but still make shit you can use, that works with you, that sells, and that meets the goals you’ve set for it. It’s more than basic design. It’s taking what’s on the inside, turning it inside out. Digging in deep to figure out what the point of this whole thing is to build and grow brands with emotion, intention and honesty.

Basically, our goal and mantra are “be better”. We want the best for us and for you. We do have millennials on staff and of course, they are spoiled and want the best of the best. Don’t be offended as a millennial wrote this and it was her idea to make fun of herself and her generation. Again we are rebels…. Comedy isn’t our best… that’s why we’re designers. We like to find the least obvious solution to your needs to create the most lasting brand. Yes, we are small, but we go big. Bigger and better. Yeah sometimes we’re cocky, but we have the work and the awards to prove it. There that millennial goes again… tootin’ her own horn. Sorry about that, she is a good designer, rebellious writer. We are still teaching her how to be humble.