Brand Refresh

Rusted Arrow Mercantile is a boutique shopping experience nestled into a shotgun space in Downtown Pensacola. When we first met on this project, it was simply a web refresh — however, upon further discovery, we realized that the brand and overall look didn’t fit with the customized, in-store experience that their customers have come to know and love.

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A Rebrand Driven by Experience

We started from scratch with the Rusted Arrow Mercantile visual system, guided by what it was like to step through their doors and – no matter what was going outside or in day-to-day life – to take a moment to pause and reset. It’s a quiet moment of calm in a busy day.

Constant Growth

Outside of their core system, they offer an ongoing rotation of seasonal items. A secondary palette and illustration system that can change with the time of year or the event was necessary and brought the brand to the next level. This is constantly growing and evolving.

Making a Digital Impact

Finally, we built a fully custom e-commerce site that could sync with their in-store POS. It’s easy to manage brought that customer experience online. Between brand, social, and web presence they now have a full brand experience that is easy on both employees and shoppers alike.


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