Bringing NYC Underground Cool to Downtown Pensacola

Ride Society came to us with a very specific vision – and a new challenge for their local Florida market. To bring a luxe-premium-sexy-gritty-big-city-vibe to the corner of Garden and Palafox, and make it a brand that was sought after in this southern beach town. It needed to be something the community would get behind and grow organically, that people would proudly wear and feel like they were part of a movement.

Slick Meets Grit

The original conversations started around creating a hyper-minimal brand, less-is-more, clean and crisp. While moving through our brand discovery we quickly realized the visuals and core elements had to have more soul and texture to them to reflect the energy that kept coming up – the rider experience. A system built out that married these two ideas and allows for flexibility and marries slick and grit seamlessly.

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The Elements

Ride Society’s patterns and elements overlaying and stacking became a repeating theme throughout the brand – to add layers and depth despite the minimal color palette. We found seamless ways to integrate them into the physical space – as well as into the site, while still keeping the user experience and site flow top of mind. Clients could easily navigate, view class schedules, and book on any device.

Room For Growth

The Ride Society studio opened mid-2018 and is thriving. New merchandise is constantly being introduced and updated gear, often featuring the original brand elements, is being produced. New elements are being added to a library built out to expand and support the evolving brand system.


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