Reboot is, at its core, a true lifestyle brand. It begins with a challenge – to find your small treats to big adventures that fit in or around your everyday life. It’s a brand built from a family’s love of travel, food, fashion and indulgences in their everyday life – and encourages you to do the same for yours. 

finding the why

We kicked off this project with a half-day workshop to identify just what the brand needed to represent, its goals, and what it where it wanted to grow. At the core of it, it’s about a lifestyle – but needed to become a recognizable and iconic brand that could work across digital, signage, apparel and more. The Fendi or LV-type mark that could live on a flag, on the side of a boat, on a tank top. A brand that would entice influencers and adventurers to want to be associated with it. 


The system is incredibly flexible – the icon needs to fit within a variety of media, spaces, cutouts, patterns, and situations. It needs to feel luxury and high-end in one scenario while fitting in with a pop of color on a skateboard deck. It needs to be wearable for ages 18 to 80. We tested and explored this system in hundreds of scenarios, and it holds its own.