A Challenge For Change

Rare Courage started with a true need – a desire to change things for the better. The potential to impact hundreds of communities of those living with rare diseases every day. At its core, it is patient communities, physicians and activists. They have come together to identify the issues of those living with rare diseases. This is everything from fighting for rights in the workplace, to making travel more accommodating, to having access to new drugs and therapies.

Bold, Rare Voices

The Rare Courage brand needed to be able to represent a variety of rare diseases, goals, and committees within each respective community. The logo mark is built to be instantly identifiable as the iconic nonprofit ribbon. However, it has the ability to take on the palette of the specific disease community. It can plug and play as the brand expanded.

Supporting elements like patterns, illustrations, icon systems and visual interpretations of their messaging build on the system. They are bold, loud and unapologetic. Just like the committee members who are here to enact change and make a difference.

Spreading the Message

Rare Courage is a non-profit in its infant state. However, we identified key elements that the community would need to support their activism efforts. Print leave-behinds, presentation templates, and informational kits are there to be used as the brand grows.

Expansion and Flexibility

The Rare Courage brand shifts to match the palette of each disease community. This pushes it into a flexible system as new committees come under the fold. With this, it is able to support additional disease needs as they arise.


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