Invitation To The World

Postcard From Wendy started as a side project. From a love of travel. From a desire to capture every moment through photos and storytelling – and bring readers along on the journey. At its heart, it’s a blog that shares journeys, photos, and gives an insider look into some of the most desirable travel spots on earth.

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Becoming Iconic

The Postcards ‘W’ is a nod to all things regal and extra special. Postcards From Wendy doesn’t want to bring you to the expected spots, but to the hidden gems on these journeys. Every blog is a story of one of these journeys – and is supported by custom stamp graphics, patterns that are a nod to the local culture, and a palette to match the tone of the experience.

Telling the Stories

Outside of building the entire brand system, we worked with the client to build a website that was easy to add to with each trip. Also, social channels were set to be able to integrate content that would drive back to the site.


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