Creating a Connection

Policy Guide, a Pensacola-based insurance company, was launched in 2009 by brother-in-laws Matt and Mark as a way to offer a more personal, simplified and dare we say, fun, approach to helping people navigate the complex world of insurance policies. The company consists of a small but mighty team dedicated to providing a warm and educational experience for their customers— sometimes spending hours on the phone with a single client to ensure they feel comfortable and confident with their choice of policy.


Branding | Illustration | Web design | Photography | Copywriting | System design

People First

One of the big things that sets Policy Guide apart is their commitment to providing a personal connection. When you call their company, you’re not funneled through a large call center— you’re immediately connected to a local agent. No pressing “0” a million times hoping for an operator. This accessibility, energy and personal interaction was a major theme throughout every aspect of their rebrand, from the color palette and the font choices to the illustration, photography style and website navigation.

Follow Our Lead

We held a workshop with the entire company in February of 2020—the owners Mark and Matt, and three dedicated insurance guides. It was really important to Policy Guide that every member of their team was able to voice their opinions. We played with messaging and created taglines surrounding the idea of a guide or a navigator, because that’s really what Policy Guide is all about— guiding people through complicated information. 

Leading the Way

For the visual system, we broke away from the sterile imagery often utilized in the insurance world and chose bright, calming blues with pops of orange as a way to reflect the team’s energy. We incorporated personalized branding elements through illustration, geometric patterns and custom icons. Illustrations of hikers and explorers can be found throughout the site, adding an organic, human element to the visual search for the right policy. 

We wrote the web copy and headlines to provide information without overwhelming the reader, while presenting strong calls to action. Showcasing the team’s unique personalities was also important, so we created individual bio pages on the website for each team member. The pages offer information that introduced them and reminded visitors the agents were real people, while also providing answers to frequently asked questions. 

Navigating Through It

We’re so happy to continue working with such a people-focused company. Currently, we’re developing varied ad campaigns and hyper-focused landing pages for specific insurance plans for their website. 

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