An Ode to Pensacola

Pensacola, Florida is at the cusp of a cultural and economic boom – and with that, breweries are rising to stake their claim. Perfect Plain Brewing Co. arrived on the scene in 2017 – a concept born out from a quote by Rachel Jackson to her husband – praising the area and its natural beauty. Above all, this brand is Pensacola-first to the core. We were brought in to create a brand to explore and support that vision.

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A Custom Mark

The client reached out to us shortly after seeing prior hand-lettering and illustration work and wanted the customized and unique feel that goes with it. We started with the logomark and then expanded out to a completely custom illustrated pattern that highlighted both beer and local culture. Garden Street signs, images of Rachel, cheers’ing glasses and beach icons weave their way through the pattern to ground the brand firmly in the local beer scene. Fonts were selected to pair comfortably with the complex logo and a palette reflecting the natural surroundings was chosen.

Expanded design

These touches expanded into the taproom – from the custom bar to the menus to swag to glassware and coasters. We worked hand-in-hand with Perfect Plain Brewing Co. to select paint colors and touches that would go along with the brand system.

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Pensacola’s Brewery

Finally, we created a simple site that was easy for them to update with daily beer selections, as well as add events and social streams to.

The business is booming and it’s not uncommon to see a hat or t-shirt donning the brand walking down Palafox or lounging on the beach.  They truly have become Pensacola’s brewery.


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