Intelligent Aircraft Management

Coflyt streamlines and simplifies the management of aircrafts in one simple app. In other words, it give pilots and those who maintain aircrafts peace of mind. This is because it is the first software to truly bring aircraft management into the digital age. Additionally, it removes the need for log sheets. Finally, it holds a record of maintenance, and allows full visibility into the status of the aircraft. Because of this, individuals who maintain or share aircrafts are able to be on the same page with the status of their plane.

We built them a brand to share this much-needed service with their customers.

Standing Out In A Sea Of Apps

 One of the biggest challenges with branding an app is the fight for eyeballs. This is because apps can quickly take over phone screens and become lost in a sea of icons. Because of this, we focus on building brands that will stand out among dozens of other icons on a phone. Therefore, bold colors and a simple, recognizable ‘c’ mark were paired to create something that feels full of energy, and forward motion on a flat-screen. This concept is memorable, timeless, and a clear and simple way to share what the app is about. Additionally, it also feels like it belongs in the tech space.

Liftoff | Coflyt

A full brand system was created to set a solid base for it moving forward. Tradeshow booths, informational sheets, social skins, and design elements to support Coflyt’s videos were created to ensure the brand felt consistent across all platforms. Furthermore, the brand system has supported ongoing marketing efforts, as well as rounds of funds raised as the brand expands.


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