We Are Rare

BioNews Services (BNS) had a problem. They were perceived as a marketing company that sold ad space on their website to pharmaceutical groups. Their brand messaging and design did little to dissuade this misunderstanding. More challenging yet, they had four audiences to address: patients and caregivers, healthcare providers and researchers, non-profits and associations, and pharma and ad agencies.

BNS is a company that serves people living with rare diseases by providing communities for them through social media and websites. They report current news of the latest developments and advancements all written in layman’s terms. These communities become places where those with the same disease can console, encourage, provide empathy, and share their wins and losses.


Research, Research, & Research

Our job was to show reality and change perception. We started with research and talked with patients, non-profits and associations, patient columnists, and BNS staff.

Through this research and in-person workshops with leadership, we had a clear understanding of who BNS was, and this led to messaging and design that was spot on.

BioNews Services Messaging

Connections. Communication. Lives intertwined by circumstances; this is the heart of BioNews Services. The brand system we created focuses on those overlaps – all meaning different things to the various parties involved.

Their tag line became: We Serve. We Connect. We Deliver. We Are Rare.

We then broke out the messaging per audience. Here is an example of the messaging for patients and caregivers:

We serve those living with rare and challenging health conditions, and we connect them to relevant news, information, research, and communities to help them live the best life possible. And we deliver daily.

An Energetic System

The design and graphic elements are a colorful and energetic system that can be used to categorize services and call out powerful connections in imagery. Circles overlapping represents the intersections of patients and their communities. Holding. Supporting each other. Growing.

This theme also makes for a very dynamic, energetic brand that can evolve as the company continues to grow.


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