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Atlanta Homestays is a temporary place to call home for those in the city, visiting from all over the world. They’re brought here to continue their education – or by work to learn a language or immerse themselves in a culture – and placed with host families to get the full American experience.

The logo mark is based off of the idea of an “H” and a bed – paired with a palette that’s full of energy, and photography that is diverse and candid. 

The brand is based around the idea of temporary secondary families, new connections, friendships and the amazing energy that comes from that, and the visual system is built to reflect this.

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Supporting Assets

Patterns are used to ground the brand in Atlanta specifically, but the system allows for growth if the brand is to move into other markets. Along with updating the city name, the patterns and photography can be updated to reflect that specific location.


The Atlanta Homestays website allows for both information to be shared with potential hosts and visitors, but also takes applications and allows for easy sorting in the backend. Social channels were set up with the intention of sharing the stories of experiences and highlight the value of staying with a homestay as opposed to an extended stay hotel or in a dorm.


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