60 Years Strong

Arco Marine has been a leader in the marine industry for 60 years – building a reputation around the highest quality OEM replacement parts. Although they have strong brand recognition and reputation amongst dealers and distributors, their brand and marketing efforts hadn’t been a focus in recent years.

In 2019, the company was acquired by new ownership. Although under new management, the partners took Arco on with a promise to uphold the values and quality that previous generations had worked so hard to establish. It was an effort to build on, not disassemble, what had been carefully crafted over the years.

Embracing the ARCO Way

We held a workshop with the entire company – over 20 employees, some who had been there 20+ years. They had a rare view into where the company had been, which give deeper insight into its values. Between conversations with employees, customers, and distributor partners, we were able to walk away with a strong sense of what makes them different. They test each and every part 6 times during manufacturing. Their return rate is incredibly low. To top it off, they have a full support team to help with any installation question or issue, and a warranty that puts customers first.

Their product is also designed and largely manufactured in America. An American story of success, all while building an American-made part. This influenced everything from the messaging to the visuals. Modern Americana.

Reputation Delivered in Every Part

The ownership wanted to give a nod to the old brand – and there were concerns about losing any brand recognition if we did a complete 180. The iconic Arco red was kept, and the wordmark was updated and modernized. This served as a base for the full system.

Messaging around quality and their differentiators was developed, including their new tagline – “Reputation Delivered in Every Part”

A Plan for the Future

A full system of assets was developed to support collateral that needed to be replaced – everything from patterns to photo treatments to updating tech tips and ads. They now have a full system of messaging and visual guidelines that keep the brand on track – which is constantly evolving as new assets are created.

Marketing and Strategy Support

In addition to traditional print collateral, we have moved into ongoing marketing support. This includes working with their team to plan a monthly calendar – including video strategy, ads, tradeshows, and staying on top of trends in the market to keep them relevant and a source of information for their customers and partners. They are fantastic partners and we’re thrilled to be a part of the team that’s bringing this iconic brand into the future.

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