American International School of Lagos

AISL is a premier K-12 English language school in Lagos, Nigeria. It was in desperate need of a brand update and upgrade. They provide an expensive, high-quality education and experience. However, you’d never know it from their brand and marketing materials. This is partially because it had been over a decade since anything had been updated with their brand. Their brand had been seriously neglected.

When we begin any brand project, we research. In this case, we interviewed current and former students, faculty, and parents. We visited Lagos for a week to do much of this in person, and experience the brand first-hand.

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Brands Backed By Research

We like research. A lot. Research can be the difference between creating a good brand and a great brand. Great brands are better.

A disclaimer: schools tend to prefer aspirational. This means our messaging needed to be aspirational. Although this is not a direction that we always prefer, we always make it work. In the case of American International School of Lagos, it is truly authentic.

Emotional & Motivational

We Are Eagles and We Soar. That’s their new slogan, and it leads nicely into a manifesto that is both emotional and motivational. AISL believes it truly represents who and what they are, and what they provide both their students and their staff. And you know what? Having been there, we agree.

Their manifesto begins:

Through Teaching, Learning, Serving, and Sharing, Eagles Soar.

There is nothing we can’t do, can’t achieve, and can’t become.

Iconic Eagle

This feeling fuels the development of a beautiful and representative brand look. Like magic, the African continent transforms into an eagle. Next, this was supported by backgrounds, overlays, and iconography. They are inspired by the people of Nigeria, and feature students from some of the 58 countries represented at AISL.


T-shirt designs, signage, and displays capture the feeling of the manifesto.

Finally, we worked with their development team to design the site base. Check it out at

Fresh & Clean

The photographic style is clean, colorful, and diverse. This entire project is fresh and clean, uplifting and exciting, diverse and energetic. Furthermore, it is welcoming and authentic. It is what you experience at American International School of Lagos

And we love it.


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