Flight Elevated.

Aero Air Charter is the only charter-based airline headquartered in Pensacola. It launched in 2015 and was recently purchased. The new ownership team’s goal is to become the premier choice for private charter in the southeast. To carry its weight, the brand needed to be improved.



The Charter Experience

We had a blank slate to work with as the new owners wanted everything upgraded. Aero Air Charter not only wanted to represent the Pensacola area with their new brand, but also the quality of Aero’s experience.

The first thing we did? We did research and held a brand workshop with key stakeholders. What we learned from these two steps helped guide the creative and its execution.


Aero Makes Flight Amazing

Elevate. That became the word to hang our messaging and creative on. And it’s a word that ties nicely into flight. Aero Air Charter elevates your flight experience. Aero elevates your family vacation, your business trip, your bachelor party, your football trip…you name it. If you fly with Aero, Aero will elevate it.

Big Moments. Two more important words.

Aero makes flight amazing and turns everyday journeys into Big Aero Moments.


Pensacola Proud

The new brand is full of meaning to the owners, staff, and Pensacola. The shape of the badge used in the logo is an ode to the pilots. With military backgrounds, their pilots are the heart of Aero Air Charter. And the colors represent the Gulf and gorgeous sunsets we see on our perfect beaches.

Where Will You Aero?

The system is flexible and builds into all facets of their business – a clean balance of work for the business traveler, excitement and play for the family vacation, and education for their life-saving flights delivering organs and doctors to recipients.

Find out more at www.flywithaero.com


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