HatchMark Studio is a branding and graphic design studio located on the Pensacola shore.

We build connections between brands and humans, and we do it very, very, well.

We work with the big guys, the little guys, and those brand-spankin’ new ones who are full-steam ahead right out the gate. We are partners in branding, print and digital and we know a thing or two about strategy and brand positioning.

We’re brand junkies, design geeks, and coffee addicts who go-go-go to get the job done and make sure your brand is communicating effectively. And we’ll make sure you look good in the process.

Smart brands listen

To the market, to their customers, to their staff, to their competitors. And to the things that keep them awake at night.

What’s it like to work with us?

Like a day without rain except when it’s rainy… and in that case it’s like having an umbrella on a rainy day or it’s just like a Friday afternoon.

We help clients look at and understand their businesses from a different perspective. Not the 30,000 feet crap. But to understand how the business is perceived vs what it is. We help them see what their business could be.
Example: the game, BOGGLE. (have me explain this to you)

What We Do:

Print and Web
Strategy and Content
UX and UI
Brand Positioning
SEO & Analytics
Ongoing Support
Apparel Design
Environmental Graphics
Education & Workshops
Social Media Management

What We Don’t Do:

Meme Design
Multi-Level Marketing Schemes
Senior Portraits
Event Planning
Competitive Speed Walking
Say Ya’ll After Everything
Bathroom Graffiti (Well Only Once)

  • Media
  • Community Involvement
  • Clients

As Seen In:

Our fearless leader is making moves and here are some quick links to see how rad she is. She didn’t want to include this but Liz insisted as she is her number one fan. Want Veronique to speak at your next design or business event? Email liz@hatchmarkstudio.com

Community Involvement:

Growing a thriving community in the Emerald Coast is a huge priority to the HMS team. Here are some of the organizations we work closely with.

Brands That Trust Us:

Here are just a few clients, partnerships, brands, visionaries, and friends, from local to international, that trust out design. We can’t thank them enough.

If you must know about us...personally

The Team

Veronique Zayas

Creative Director

Veronique is from Dallas, has lived in Pensacola for six years and has 17 years of national caliber experience in branding, messaging, creative direction, and design. Veronique is just on the right side of “driven,” and as a result, you’ll see her branding work all up and down Palafox.

Liz Painter

Senior Designer

Liz Painter, yes Painter, joined HatchMark Studio in the beginning of 2019. Leaving the cold tundra of South Dakota, she’s fit in okay, don’t you know, for a Midwestern. Ask her what chislic is. With 10 years of industry experience, she designs, concepts, photographs, and wears goofy hats and tons of black. By the way, if you don’t understand when she speaks, ask for subtitles.

Dago Martinez

Junior Designer

There is a lot to say about Dago. He came down to HatchMark from Maracay (Venezuela) with an arepa in one hand and the Ten Commandments of Design in the other. He is quiet but “oh honey” he is not afraid to give you his honest opinion. Dago’s ultimate design goal is not only to develop the most effective solution but also to create an entire experience in the viewer. By the way, if you don’t understand when he speaks, ask for subtitles as well.

Tracy Crowell

Brand Messaging

Arriving in Pensacola from Utah four years ago, Tracy has 35 years of advertising and marketing experience specializing in research, strategy, branding, messaging/writing, and account management. Tracy is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up (this bothers Veronique)

Rachel Zampino

Web Developer

Rachel is a designer, a developer, a music fiend, a car enthusiast, and above all: a visual communicator. She is passionate about creating things that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Wednesday Zayas

Fur Baby

Wednesday Zayas became a Hatchmarker in 2019. She is a bad ass pup who loves to chew her leashes and give kisses. She is on the verge of Pensacolan fame. Follow her on IG.

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